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Oakville Screen Doors for Comfortable Outdoor Spaces

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Oakville Screen Doors for Comfortable Outdoor Spaces
It used to be that screen doors were less than striking. While they were satisfactorily functional, their looks left something to be desired. The latest retractable screen doors can be installed in such a way that they are virtually invisible when not in use creating a more unobtrusive and beautiful look. It’s the best way to add a luxurious feel to your home while providing a more functional living area. Oakville screen doors can be made to fit any style of door. The most reliable retractable screening systems are durable and have numerous colour selections that will blend in with your home. Custom colors are also possible.

Types of Doors

The most reputable purveyors of screen doors in Oakville are able to custom fit any type of doors for any home. The most frequent type of door is a single entrance or garden door. This type of door can be fitted with a retractable screen mounted on the side. When not in use, the screen simply retracts into the housing keeping the doorway as wide as possible. Sliding doors look great, but most come with a screen that obstructs the view. This can be easily remedied by installing a retractable screen system. They retract into a very slim aluminum housing. They can be mounted onto the stationary section of your patio glass door, which makes the screen and the housing invisible from the inside. It’s the best way to ensure an unobstructed view. Instead of seeing a screen on half of your patio door system 24/7, using a retractable screen, the only time you see a screen is when you use it.  
Double, or French doors, can be fitted with a low-profile retractable screen system as well. When retracted, the double doorway is completely clear. The two halves of the screen meet in the middle with a full-length magnet that creates a sturdy seal from top to bottom. The screen doors can be mounted inside the door frame for a cleaner-looking finish.

Build Quality

No matter what type of door you’re looking to screen, it’s important to get the most durable and long-lasting product possible while ensuring stunning looks and an elegant finish. The most reputable purveyors of screen doors in Oakville manufacture their screen products with parts fabricated in North America. They also take the time to weld the screen to the spline, rather than sewing it in. This creates a substantially stronger screen that is sure to last. The best in the business are so confident in the longevity of their products that a limited lifetime warranty is standard with all screening systems.


Screen doors don’t have to be ugly additions. They come in a variety of standard colours, with several optional and custom colours available upon request. With so many colours and the ability to mount the screen housing within a door frame, retractable screen door systems fit in naturally with any home décor while adding sophistication and elegance.
Adding a retractable screen door in Oakville is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a screen door without the hassle of a clunky and unsightly extra door. They can be fitted to any door type and are available in several beautiful finishes. The most reliable manufacturers take pride in their work and offer a product that is as durable as it is beautiful and functional. Call the best and create a more comfortable space for you and your family.